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BCRW meets monthly at the GOP Headquarters in Bolivia.  We always have interesting guest speakers and refreshments are served.  Why join our club?  BCRW provides an avenue of political involvement for women and men who share the Republican philosophy.  We’re your next door neighbor doing his or her best to ensure a strong tomorrow for America.  As a member of BCRW, you’re automatically a member of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women (NCFRW), as well as the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), which is the largest women’s political organization in the United States.  Our members are always excited to mentor new members so that the knowledge they have can be passed to a new generation of Republican women.

Join us at our next meeting on September 3.  BCRW Monthly Meeting.  6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  GOP Headquarters.  971 Old Ocean Highway, Bolivia, NC.

September 10-11.  National Federation of Republican Women Convention and Elections.  Phoenix, AZ.

November 3.  Municipal elections.

November.  North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s Fall Board Meeting.  Exact dates to be announced.



We want to congratulate our two winners, Bailey Aldridge and Anderson Smallwood, who submitted their award-winning essays on the topic, “Why Is America Exceptional?”  Academics, school and community involvement, and communication skills were also taken into consideration.  We wish Bailey and Anderson continued success in all their future endeavors!  For more information, click here: Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners

Helen Pannullo, Mary Stilwell, Bailey

Aldridge, Anderson Smallwood, Rep.

Frank Iler



Raleigh, NC.  Yesterday the North Carolina Republican Party launched a new website that exposes groups and individuals who are really funding Moral Mondays and the opposition to Voter ID.  The launch of this new website comes the same day union-funded Moral Mondays held a protest of North Carolina’s common sense voter ID law in Winston-Salem.  “Reverend Barber and the ‘Immoral Mondays’ have been bought and paid for by the big out-of-state labor unions, who want to impose their big-government agenda on North Carolina, and now we have the proof,” said Todd Poole, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party.  “The reality is that ‘Immoral Mondays’ is a front for the biggest out-of-state unions to launch ceaseless attacks against Governor McCrory and Republican leaders.  Read more at:

NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling today, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett released the following statement:


“The individual is the overseer of the Constitution.  One of the measures they can take to enforce the Constitution is to elect new representatives.  Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court only means one thing:  to fix our broke healthcare system and help struggling North Carolina families who are seeing their premiums skyrocket because of this law, we must defeat Hillary Clinton and elect a Republican president in 2016.  North Carolina will be the most important battleground state during the next presidential election, and our team is already hard at work to expand or grassroots network across the sate to win big and deliver the White House.”


On June 18, the General Assembly passed HB836 that made improvements to the 2014 Election law, including the use of paper ballots and photo ID.  Many groups were immediately concerned that photo ID had been gutted.  While those statements received a lot of press coverage and upset all of us who worked so hard to get photo ID passed, they did not detail what actually happened.  For more information on this issue, click the URL below:




This is a chance for you and others you know to be involved in a very active way, working for a Republican victory in 2016.  You will find all the details in the link below.  I hope you’ll share this information with others you know who want to work for a Republican victory, even if they don’t live in North Carolina.  Apply today to reach your full potential and join the Republican Leadership Initiative.





The Republican National Committee is launching an aggressive program to train staffers and volunteers as part of a larger effort to step up its ground game after the 2012 election, which illustrated the party’s deficits in voter data, technology, and outreach to minority voters.  Read more here:

Presentation of BCRW Cookbook to Governor Pat McCrory

BCRW Cookbook PresentationPresident Helen Pannullo presented a copy of the Brunswick County  Republican Women’s Cookbook, “Culinary Delights Seasoned Right,” to Governor Pat McCrory at the NCGOP Convention.  Last year Club members enjoyed chocolate chip cookies our members made from the Governor’s recipe that is included in our cookbook.  Thank you, Governor McCrory, for all you do for North Carolina!!!


We have some exciting events coming up!

June 5-7   NCGOP Convention in Raleigh, NC.  Speakers at the convention include:  Friday evening dinner–Governor Scott Walker.  Saturday luncheon–Senator Ted Cruz.  Saturday evening dinner–Mr. Donald Trump.  Sunday Prayer breakfast–Dr. Ben Carson.  This will be an exciting event!

June 11  BCGOP Executive Committee at BCGOP Headquarters.

June 20  BCRW Luncheon Meeting at Tamer’s Restaurant in Ocean Isle Beach.  The luncheon begins at 11:30 a.m., and will feature our Jackie Iler Memorial College Scholarship winners, who will read their winning essays.  Carolyn Justice will be the keynote speaker.  The cost is $20 per person.  Mark your calendars!